There but for the Grace of God...

April 30, 2010


I love winter.  I do.  The muffled atmosphere created by snow piled waist high and the silent descent of big fluffy flakes has a magical quality.

 But come spring, I start to remember how amazing the sounds of nature are.  The birds singing, the tree frogs calling.

And then we have a thunderstorm, with that electric feeling in the air.  The sound of fat drops of rain falling against the roof, the ground.  It's magic in its own way. 

 And I'm loving it. 

I fully recognize that the Beast has nothing really to do with this post, but isn't she cute?!?!

April 21, 2010


Spring has come to the Great White North.  I know it's a little unbelievable the snow is gone and it's only
April, but there it is.  I'm not sure what we did to deserve this gracious turn of weather, but I'm not complaining.  Unless this is the result of the whole climate change fiasco.  Then I just feel a little guilty for enjoying it so much.  But lacking positive proof of that circumstance, I'm going to continue on with my reveling.

Spring is an odd time of year.  The cozy comfort of winter spent swaddled is over, while the crisp green growth of new beginnings are blooming.  It's a wistful season.  A season of uncertainty and possibility.  Planning for summer, but not yet done with the obligations of winter.  Sunshine and wilderness calling to an inner child while the weekly responsibilities of job or school or church hold you back.

This spring is especially fraught with all of that and more for the Captain and me.  We recently found out that we'll be leaving the Great White North, heading east, in the fall.  Such is the Army life, but knowing we have but one more spring and summer here makes the days seem a little more poignant.  Our summer plans are evolving to encompass family we'll see much less often, special getaways to our favorite local haunts and hiking trails, and relishing the moments we have together.  There's a year long deployment waiting on the other side of that move.  It'll be our third.  But for now, today, it's spring, and we're cherishing the possibility of the season.